Using Banner Ads in Your Email Marketing System

When it comes to building traffic to send to your squeeze page to build the volume of your email marketing system, it pays to leave no stone unturned. While there are certainly people who are able to build great email marketing lists by simply focusing on just one of the many internet marketing tools out there, it’s much more likely that you are going to find success by creating a broad marketing strategy that incorporates a number of different tactics. If nothing else, starting out by trying many different methods of traffic building is a great way to find out exactly what you’re best at, what brings you the most qualified traffic, and what you enjoy more than the others for your direct email marketing list. One method of advertising that can be really helpful for building your email marketing system is banner advertising.

We all know what banner advertising is, as we’ve all been using the internet for more than a day or two. When it comes down to it, banner ads are one of the oldest things on the internet, and are one of the original methods of advertising online. Lots of different types of sites sell banner space for advertisements, and if you purchase space you will be guaranteed a prime space on your partner’s site- whether by using a vertical banner along the side of the page or a horizontal banner along the top. Either will work for direct email marketing list building.

The basics of banner advertising for your email marketing system are simple. First, you just have to do a Google search to find a number of high-traffic websites that are related to your niche. Once you’ve found a site that meets your criteria for a good audience, you will find the owner’s email address and shoot them a message asking if you are able to put a banner ad on their site. Once your banner ad is up, the traffic going to the site will see it and click on it, and then they will be sent to your squeeze page. In general, I find it works best when your banner and squeeze page are really congruent with each other, and not as well if you show one thing with your banner advertisement to grab people’s attention and then redirect them to a completely different squeeze page. Get your internet marketing tools congruent with each other.

There are some pros and cons to this method. On the one hand you’re going to get targeted traffic, this is a method that’s easy to employ, and you can do it successfully at any stage of your product’s life and get some quick traffic. On the other hand, you do have to pay for this method (which some people are really opposed to), there is no guarantee for your results and you pay even if it doesn’t deliver, and you don’t know the quality of the subscribers that you do get. Still, this is a powerful, traditional method of getting targeted traffic to your squeeze page to build up your email marketing lists.