5 Direct Response Marketing Methods for Your Business

In this article, I will discuss great ways to market your business and achieve measurable cost-effective results. Image advertising involves paying lots of money, waiting for customers to come, then never knowing what customers bought your product as a result of that advertising. Direct response advertising allows you to measure results and know exactly what your return was for each marketing dollar spent.

Below are some examples of direct response marketing methods-

1) Direct Mail – When a mailing campaign is targeted to a specific group of people, it allows you target the specific market that would have an interest in your product or service. Sending a mailing to every household would be less effective and more costly because many of the individuals are not in the type of market you want to reach. You would also have no results from which to base your next decision.

2) Google AdWords – Google’s service to pay for every click you get on the internet also is a form of targeted marketing. It will only go out to those who type the specific keyword the marketer chooses. The cost is controlled by selecting how much you are willing to pay-per-click and what keywords you want to target.

3) Email Marketing – Email marketing is where a targeted group of people receives an email regarding your topic. Usually, the list is created when people opt-in or subscribe to a mailing list about a particular topic. Emails are sent out to these subscribers on an ongoing basis. There is little cost to the marketer except a little time and a monthly fee for an auto-responder service.

4) Article Marketing – Article marketing is another key online tool that allows you target traffic with keywords. When you write an article you can get traffic from those who read your article and want to learn more. It allows you to track ratios for those who view your article. The best thing about it is that it’s free – except for the time it takes to write the articles.

5) Per Campaign 800 Number – An 800 # normally does not allow you to easily track the amount of volume from a specific marketing campaign because numerous individuals have that number (if only listed in the yellow pages or on the Internet). However, if you tie each marketing campaign to a specific 800 number, it will become easier to know from where you customers are coming and how to track the information. This can be used in conjunction with any marketing method – mailings, radio, TV, billboards, or any other form of general advertising.

When designing your marketing campaigns, keep in mind that only two things really matter – how much does it cost and how much business do I get from the campaign (both current and future business). By using direct response advertising, you can spend less, earn more, and make informed decisions for your next campaign.

5 Ways to Help You Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

To be successful in affiliate marketing requires a character with several different strengths. Use the following 5 ways to help point you in the right direction as you start on your journey.

1)Learn to Learn

You have to be receptive to new ideas and training. New unfamiliar ground can be the toughest to plough if you don’t have the right gear. It’s very easy to lose direction if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to guide you. Like every trade or profession there are always tricks of the game to learn. The more you learn the bigger advantage you’ll have. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are specialist internet training companies who can help and advise you.

2)Invest in Yourself

Be prepared to invest time and effort. Success won’t come overnight. You need to be patient. A novice driver can’t possibly expect to get into a car and drive it like a professional at the first attempt. It takes practice to learn the skills of affiliate marketing, and practice takes time if you’re going to get it right. At times, it may seem as if you’re not getting very far. Just be patient. The rewards will come.

3)Never Say Die

One of the greatest strengths you’ll need is self determination. To get ahead in the affiliate marketing jungle you have to push and then push even harder. Set yourself motivational goals. Stay focussed.

4)Discipline Is All

Discipline is not the same as determination. Discipline creates structure. Don’t let yourself stray in a lot of different directions at the same time. It dilutes what you’re trying to achieve. By all means consider alternative projects and strategies, but don’t allow them to distract you from your primary objective, but remember, if it’s not working, have the discipline to know when to quit and try a new direction.

5)Optimism is the Fuel

Don’t let yourself become despondent if at first you don’t succeed. Some of the most successful business people on the planet failed at some point in their career. The reason that they eventually achieved their target is because they are without exception, optimists. They didn’t allow negativity to discourage them from reaching out again and again, because they believed in themselves. That inbuilt feeling that tells you to keep going is optimism. None of your other strengths work without it.

Affiliate marketing is a very diverse business that needs all of the above 5 strengths to help make it successful. It’s all about taking charge of your life. From time to time remind yourself why you are doing all of this and you’ll succeed.

The True Internal Simplicity of Email Marketing Programs

List building is simple, as are all effective email marketing programs. It takes some work, but it’s also really pretty easy. A lot of times people complicate it all because they feel like it has to be this complicated process. After all, if it were simple, they would have figured it out already, right? Then they jump from complicated system to complicated system, and never end up building much of a list for themselves. Well, I’m going to break down the list building process for you right now, and you’ll see how simple effective email marketing programs really are.

There are just a few things that you need to have and few things you need to do to build a list for your email marketing program…

First, you need to have qualified traffic. Some people make the mistake of just thinking that you need traffic. General traffic isn’t going to do; you need what we call qualified traffic if you are going to succeed at direct email marketing. Basically speaking, traffic is qualified when it is composed of people who are interested in what you are offering. Simple right?

Next, you need a web site that is capable of building a list for you and your email marketing program. This is a site that is designed around capturing the email addresses of the qualified traffic you are sending to it. Generally that means that the site is built around getting people to fill out an email form that you place on it. Generally you bribe them into doing this by giving them some sort of free offer, like a small free eBook or the like, if the give you their email address for your direct email marketing.

And that’s it. There are only two steps to this process. Find qualified traffic, and drive it to your site that is capable of building your list. It’s true that there are a number of different ways to go about finding and driving traffic to your site.

It’s also true that there are a number of different ways you can design the site that’s going to succeed at getting people to give you their email addresses. These are both true, but there’s no need to complicated the overall process more than you need to. In fact, it’s generally better to keep these processes as simple as possible for your email marketing campaign. Simple is better. Simplicity breeds success.

Now do you think email marketing programs are really inherently complicated?