Kml Jhangri – The new sensation in online entertainment promotion industry

Kml Jhangri wears too many hats at the same time making him a versatile person. He is an Entrepreneur, Producer and digital marketer at the age of 17. He was born in Haryana on 24 September, 2000 in a Hindu family. His teenage life revolved around music, and films along with exploring the power of digital media.

In his childhood, he used to enjoy watching movies catching them at home or in theatres.
This helped him absorb the stories and the scenes like sponges. He always knew he would turn his passion into a successful career. Now, he is looking ahead to some big collaborations or projects in films or music. Some of these include the Song where he was involved in its production along with the music song called Situation with Anmol Dhiman. While being so active in music and films, he also has been decent in his studies. He has completed his graduation from Mohali, Punjab. While being a student and busy in his music and films, he also explored digital marketing.

Kml is Founder of Dream Castle , dealing with clients and businesses who approach him for solutions to prosper on the web. He has been linked with several celebrities as well while being in the domain of digital marketing apart from his day-to-day music and film work with them in Punjabi Music Industry. His social media profiles talk a lot about his personal and professional life, which he keeps on sharing to his fans a lot. He intends to fly and this is just his start and is confident to rise high in his success ladder.

How to Start Making Money Online – Get Noticed Through Article Marketing

There are many people who try to make money on the internet. There are people who sell products via different internet shopping sites. There are others who create websites which they open to advertisers. Still others try to make money through article marketing. How you earn through the first two techniques is easy to understand. With the first, you earn directly for every product you sell. With the second, you earn from whatever the advertisers will pay you depending on how many of their own products they sell or how many visits generated from your site they get. But what about article marketing? How do you make money with it? Here is a simple discussion on how to start making money online through article marketing.

Article marketing is done by submitting articles related to your products or your website to any of the different article directories found on the web. You do not directly sell anything but you direct readers to your website or to wherever your products can be found. You see, it is important to direct traffic to your site because people will not automatically see your site after you create it. If it ranks low in search engines, your chances of being seen and read is also low.

Article marketing will help increase the number of your readers and it will also improve your search engine ranking. When you submit good articles to article directories, people will get interested in you or in what you have to offer. They will be enticed to click on the link provided at the end of the article or in the author box. Well-written articles have great chances of producing a lot of visits so you really have to exert effort to create good ones. You are not limited to submitting just an article or two so it will also be to your advantage if you will write a lot. With this increase in visits plus your article’s prolonged presence in article directories, it will only be a matter of time before search engines take notice of your contents and rank you high on their list.

However good your website is or how useful your products are, if nobody will take notice of them, you will not earn. Thus, it is important that you do article marketing to get people to notice what you have to offer.

What Is The Advantages Of SMS Marketing In Marketing Campaign?

In order to appreciate the full extent of advantages offered by SMS marketing in a direct marketing campaign, we must explore the shortfalls of traditional methods. SMS marketing performs every beneficial function of traditional methods as well as bringing unique features to ensure your marketing campaign will excel. Be one of the first to stand out as a company of innovation and integrity by using modern methods to connect with customers.Shortfalls of Direct Mail and EmailMailing campaigns, including fliers, letters and catalogs, currently dominate the field of direct marketing, yet it is a method notorious for being considered annoying and consequently discarded by consumers. SMS is faster, more environmentally friendly, and more likely to be considered by the client as they do not have the same associations of ‘junk mail’ on their phone. Digital coupons may be encoded in the message, as well as links directing the client straight to a website, which an increasing amount of people could now access through mobile internet.Even if direct mail is a more effective way to initially establish a connection with clients, such as those from an older demographic, SMS may still be used as a follow up tool for direct mail. Once the first contact has been made in a slightly more personal manner, the offer is more likely to result in a sale if followed up later via SMS. While emails are a more modern way of reaching clients, email marketing campaigns run the risk of messages being automatically drafted as junk mail or into an unused folder.Shortfalls of other MethodsDoor-to-door marketing can be too confronting for most people, or they consider it invasive. They may not be home, however SMS reach them anywhere, and allow them to consider and respond to the offer at their own leisure.As for marketing campaigns via facsimile, very few individuals have access to a fax machine in the home, and even if they did, the campaign offer would be delivered in an unappealing format, which could be easily lost in a sea of other incoming faxes.As well as ensuring instant connection with clients, SMS also means instant feedback about how the campaign is progressing, so target audience may be expanded or reduced accordingly. This is important, as an overwhelming response can be almost as disastrous as no response at all.Tracking SMS progress is also essential for the success of referral incentive campaigns. For example, keeping record of who is referred by whom, whether they make a resulting purchase and how much discount the original client should receive on their next purchase.Ultimately, the use of SMS in direct marketing campaigns can reflect positively on your company and boost corporate integrity by demonstrating respect for customers and the law. This is important in light of the close scrutiny from consumer protection agencies that traditional methods are currently undergoing. The ACA and ACCC are increasingly tightening the laws surrounding direct marketing, ensuring they have easy opt-out processes and are non-invasive.