Section I – Email Marketing Training Plan

Implementation of Email Auto responders

One of the most critical things in email marketing is follow up with prospects. As you develop direct marketing methods, you will have a stream of leads that you will need to manage. As in all sales, most potential prospects will not convert on the first contact.

You will need follow up often with your prospects over time until they convert. Also, once you have converted a lead, you will want to continue to market to them over time. It is much easier to make more sales from an existing customer than from a new lead.

Email auto responders have been exceeding in popularity as a direct marketing technique and as a drip marketing technique. This technique uses the power of emails to send to your whole mailing list or to those prospects that you want.

An email auto responder can be sent manually or you can use a company to help you prepare for the distribution of these emails. One of the first step that you will need to do when establishing this marketing technique within your business is to determine the approach that you are going to take.

Email auto responders are usually very salesy in nature, they can be used to send information or informational articles, they can be sent in a long series or they can be used as a way to deliver information to anyone who has requested it.

Each strategy serves a different purpose and you will want to choose the best approach for your given product or service.

A perfect place to begin is to consider your current company sales approach to gain clients:

Are you currently using information, fear tactic? Or more of a traditional sales approach? Are your prospects warm or cold? Do your clients react well to information? Or to a sale pitch?

When you are thinking about the approach, also think about what type of email your ideal prospect would likely open. With email auto responders being constantly used, it is very important that yours be done in a way to cause curiosity from new clients you are sending it to.

It is important to avoid your information from going into the bulk folder where it won’t get seen. Part of this strategy also involves considering the source of your email prospects.

Are they self built (did you generate them yourself, or buy them)? Do you currently have a strong lead generation system and your prospects have requested to receive information? Are you emailing information to prospects that are not interested and are therefore considered cold?

Once you have given some thought to each of these questions, you are ready to start creating your email auto responder look and written content.

This goes for your email marketing campaigns (ie. Solo Ezine marketing) find out what your target audience wants, expecting and also what they are used to receiving. This is done through research. You want to write your emails to really connect with people so they build a bond with you.

Try setting up a free email account with various providers (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc) and send yourself the email BEFORE mailing out to your prospects or an ezine list.

This way you will be able to tell if the message gets trashed| in the bulk bin, what it looks like from your customers point of view and more.

With email marketing, always, always TEST first. Having great emails that actually get through, will take your relationship to the next level and leads to customers. Keep your eye out for more email marketing articles to help you succeed in your business!