The Only Direct Mail Marketing Tips You Will Ever Need

In today’s world, running a business is becoming harder by the day. The economy is bad, the competition is stiffer and the customers are more knowledgeable about their rights than ever before. However, by using the following direct mail marketing tips below, you will be empowered to source potential clients for your business.

Identify and target potential buyers, it does not matter how big your marketing campaigns are, but if they are not targeted to the very best potential clients, it is all in vain. Take as much time as possible in research to learn your target group. By doing this, the conversion rate will be higher.

Offer incentives, offering a gift certificate or bonuses will add value to your products or services and it will either put you above other sellers or even sway the potential client to buy just to take advantage of the discount/bonus.

Track Responses, when you get a response/feedback, note it down and tally them at the end of the month or depending on your preferred time frame and do some analysis to find out how your direct mail campaigns are doing.

Create an opt-in list, do not shy away from asking your clients to leave their name and email addresses. If you have a blog or a website, put a subscription box so that you can send them any offers or newsletters later. People often feel more confident reading mails from the sources they have personally subscribed to.

Reaching clients and potential customers can be quite expensive, especially if you do not have a target group to buy what you are selling. However, direct mail targets a given group of potential buyers hence giving you a good marketing platform. For more information check out offline arbitrage bonus.

Direct Sales Success – What Direct Sales Consultants Can Learn From the NFL

The crisp autumn leaves and the sounds of marching bands means that school – and football season – are once again in full swing. It’s also the biggest selling season of the year for those of us in Direct Sales. In fact, statistics show that over half of the direct selling business for the entire year is conducting during the last quarter. Much like a football game, those final minutes can mean the difference between big gains and big fumbles. Here are the top six tips you can take from the gridiron and take your business to the next level.

1. Direct Sales requires sacrifice.

Like football, you have to give 110% of yourself to be successful. It can be very easy to make a good living in this business, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can just hang up a shingle and watch the leads come pouring in. There’s some work involved. It’s not as hard as digging ditches, but there will be times, especially early in your business, where you’ll have to make choices, sacrificing time energy and money “on the front end” to generate a bigger return on your investment.

Napoleon Hill researched the content for Think and Grow Rich for about 20 years before Andrew Carnegie ever paid him one red cent of the million dollars he promised for the work. But when the project was done, Carnegie paid in full. Hard work at “the front end” will go a long way toward improving your sales consistency over the long haul of your sales game.

2. Direct Sales requires teamwork.

Make no mistake, you can be very successful as a salesperson – a regular consultant on the showroom floor, but when you utilize the power of teamwork, everyone achieves more. It’s the reason for monthly (or weekly) meetings, coaching calls, mentoring and development programs. Each component builds character, skill and ability. And when leaders are training their recruits properly, everyone prospers. Trying to go it alone will only create more work for yourself.

When your leaders say “you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself” hold them to it! Seek out trainers and leaders that can build your skill level at presentations, host coaching, closing a sale, signing a recruit and more. Don’t sit stagnant just because you’re out of the area. Unless you are the only person in your company, there are others out there ready willing and able to helpyou grow your business, because when you succeed, THEY succeed.

If you are a leader, take that role seriously. Make contact with your team a regular, ongoing thing. Know your team – their wants needs and goals – even if they are not your direct recruits. The most successful leaders know their team mates, and their team mates know, like and trust their leader!

3. Direct Sales requires discipline.

Even when your calendar is full, you get on the phone to schedule appointments. Even when your shows are successful, you’re making networking connections. Even if you have zero recruits and zero shows on your calendar, you’re practicing the scripts and doing all the things you need to do consistently to bring in the sales. Highs and lows are a fact of life in sales, but all of that can be evened out by remaining consistent.

It’s so easy to get complacent when things are going well (I’ve done it – I’m sure you have too). It’s even easier to give up when things are going bad. Before you do either, check yourself in the mirror. Prepare a weekly audit of the things you must do – and see if you’re really doing them. Consistency – and disciplining yourself to stay consistent – are the most important aspects of building a successful direct sales business.

4. Direct Sales requires participation.

Selling is not a spectator’s sport. In football, no man rides the bench the entire season – there’s practice, training, and games to be won! Are you a fan? Spectators sit on the sidelines letting the pros do all the work. You need to get your hands dirty, do the work and win the game. Like football, selling is not a game for cowards.

5. Direct Sales has opposing teams

Ah! Now we come to it: competition. Every market has competitors – and in direct sales, you can be competing with other consultants within your own company. It can be tough to beat the opposition. You have to develop special skills and abilities to outpace – and outplay your competitors. Develop your personal brand much like a football team develops their own play book. Dig deep into what you’ve been taught and be creative in finding ways to win the sales game.

There are also other competitors: fear, doubt, guilt, anxiety, and even our family and friends can come between us and a successful direct sales business. The key is to recognize these obstacles and again – dig into the knowledge and training you’ve gained from your leaders, coaches and mentors – and whip the competition no matter how stiff!

6. Direct Sales requires ongoing conditioning.

A football player doesn’t attend one session of pre-season training and figure they’re all set to go to the Super Bowl. Heavens no! These guys are in the gym, on the field, and in their own heads on a regular basis, learning, growing, developing, picking up new skills and better ways of being the best they can be on the gridiron. The same holds true for Direct Sales. Sure, you can buy a kit, read the manual and start selling products, but imagine how much better you can become when you take the time to go to training events, invest in personal development materials, and even coaching programs designed to strengthen your best attributes and build on your opportunities! Ongoing conditioning ensures you always stay at the “top of your game” and that you are the first person that comes to mind when customers think of your products and services. It’s about getting strong in product knowledge, client rapport, and understanding your direction and role in meeting the needs of others.

No one is born a star salesperson, much like no one is really born with a pigskin in their hand. It takes consistency, team work, sacrifice, hard work and focus. With ongoing training and a commitment to participate fully, you will find yourself on the all-star team that is your Direct Sales organization. You can’t beat that!

5 Ways to Help You Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

To be successful in affiliate marketing requires a character with several different strengths. Use the following 5 ways to help point you in the right direction as you start on your journey.

1)Learn to Learn

You have to be receptive to new ideas and training. New unfamiliar ground can be the toughest to plough if you don’t have the right gear. It’s very easy to lose direction if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to guide you. Like every trade or profession there are always tricks of the game to learn. The more you learn the bigger advantage you’ll have. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are specialist internet training companies who can help and advise you.

2)Invest in Yourself

Be prepared to invest time and effort. Success won’t come overnight. You need to be patient. A novice driver can’t possibly expect to get into a car and drive it like a professional at the first attempt. It takes practice to learn the skills of affiliate marketing, and practice takes time if you’re going to get it right. At times, it may seem as if you’re not getting very far. Just be patient. The rewards will come.

3)Never Say Die

One of the greatest strengths you’ll need is self determination. To get ahead in the affiliate marketing jungle you have to push and then push even harder. Set yourself motivational goals. Stay focussed.

4)Discipline Is All

Discipline is not the same as determination. Discipline creates structure. Don’t let yourself stray in a lot of different directions at the same time. It dilutes what you’re trying to achieve. By all means consider alternative projects and strategies, but don’t allow them to distract you from your primary objective, but remember, if it’s not working, have the discipline to know when to quit and try a new direction.

5)Optimism is the Fuel

Don’t let yourself become despondent if at first you don’t succeed. Some of the most successful business people on the planet failed at some point in their career. The reason that they eventually achieved their target is because they are without exception, optimists. They didn’t allow negativity to discourage them from reaching out again and again, because they believed in themselves. That inbuilt feeling that tells you to keep going is optimism. None of your other strengths work without it.

Affiliate marketing is a very diverse business that needs all of the above 5 strengths to help make it successful. It’s all about taking charge of your life. From time to time remind yourself why you are doing all of this and you’ll succeed.